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Timely Communication and Consistent Care

How will new caregivers understand your child, adult child`s or relative`s care needs if you are not there to tell their story and to help them understand their history and progress, evolving independence, strengths, and vulnerabilities?

Carevine provides a well organized, accessible software system that communicates about best care practices as it supports consistent care for people of all ages with complex care needs. Carevine facilitates communication among the networks of carers to ensure timely, thoughtful caring for use everywhere. Carevine prevents costly, distressing miscommunications about care.

CareVine is a secure, cloud-based mobile app that helps parents and carers supporting people with complex care needs so the best care can be everywhere.We are here to make life easier.  

Sheila Mansell (Ph.D., Registered Psychologist, Founder and CEO of CareVine)

Dr. Mansell has dedicated many years of psychological practice to families and the caregiving/ educational/ employment/ support systems serving children and adults with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities, mental health, and trauma/sensory concerns.  

Carevine is a software as service for seamless, compassionate caregiving and support for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder, rare and genetic conditions, progressive conditions, intellectual disabilities and mental health/behavioural concerns by facilitating real time, relevant communications about best care practices.